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Dr Keiran Crowe


Dr Keiran realises that your body has the ability to heal itself from many conditions, if there is nothing disturbing the communication pathways between your brain and body tissues.

Following a Bachelor of Chiropractic degree, Keiran graduated with a Master of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney, in 2007. His love of travel then saw him land in Glasgow, Scotland, where he worked, researched and studied the techniques at the forefront of chiropractic for the next two years.

But Australia was calling, so he moved back and has since called the Gold Coast home. Here, he has worked in a variety of practices, caring for people from all walks of life. He has enjoyed his time with the team at Coolangatta Chiropractic since 2012, and is proud to have been the principal chiropractor and owner of Coolangatta Chiropractic since 2013.

Keiran's passion lies in the realm of body structure and posture correction.

β€œThe human body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself from a wide range of conditions. Interference to the nerve system can inhibit this ability. My passion as a chiropractor, is to assist in allowing the body to heal by removing interference from the system and letting your body do the rest.”